Hi, I'm Cuborg!

I can verify Cubash accounts through Discord.

How does Cuborg work?

When an user runs the !verify command, Cuborg will check it's database to see if the user's id is there. If not it will send a URL to that user that with the user's id supplied in the paramaters. The user will be redirected to a page where they will have to enter their username. Once, they've done so, they'll recieve a 5 charectar code to paste into their bio as a form of verification. If they did everything correctly the will be added to the database.

Why should I add Cuborg?

Cuborg was made for Cubash game communities. You don't have to worry about random people destroying the zen of your server. Your server will be limited to only those who play Cubash.

Where do I start?

Click the Invite button on the top of this page and add it to your desired server. Once, you've added it to your server run !setup.

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